Hosted Bar

We offer several different options to host the bar for your event, ranging from a fully hosted bar the entire evening, to a partially hosted bar for a few hours. We can accommodate any special requests. Pricing is determined by the number of hours of your event. 20% gratuity is added to all hosted bars.

Package #1: beer, wine, well cocktails
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Package #2: full open bar, all specialty cocktails and spirits
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Consumption Bar: The host may open a tab to pay for drinks throughout the night. The hosted bar can stop at any pre-determined dollar amount. Once the consumption bar stops the bar will turn into a cash bar.

Drink Tickets: Drink tickets may be purchased in advance, which can be used for any drink available, excluding our rare, limited-allocation top shelf spirits.

Non-Hosted/Cash Bar

Guests purchase their own drinks. The total bar sales will go towards the pre-determined beverage minimum, which must be met by the end of the event. For any reason if the minimum is not met then the host will be charged for the remaining amount.


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